‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date: At Least GRRM Is Honest

‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date: At Least GRRM Is Honest
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Well, Game of Thrones season 6 has come and gone, and we still haven’t gotten Winds of Winter. It’s something of a crushing disappointment, both for the millions of book readers and for George R. R . Martin himself. But at least it tells us one thing. GRRM was being honest. He really wasn’t done with Winds of Winter, and told us so, and wasn’t lying. And trust me—lots of people on the Internet thought otherwise. Nobody is happy that Winds of Winter isn’t out yet—at least nobody except really hardcore bloggers about the show, who like that we don’t know whether it’s different from the books now. But there was a vocal Internet contingent who feared, and perhaps even believed, that Winds of Winter …

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