‘Star Wars’ News: Sooner Or Later ‘Star Wars’ Has To Get Bad

‘Star Wars’ News: Sooner Or Later ‘Star Wars’ Has To Get Bad
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Folks at home, I’ve got some bad news. This is going to be hard to hear, but it’s true: Sooner or later, the reborn Star Wars series is going to get bad. It is, simply speaking, an inevitability. Disney has incredible plans for the Star Wars series, including a new movie every year from now until kingdom come . And that’s the problem. It is now Star Wars’ destiny to be milked for all its worth… until it gets bad (and probably well beyond that). And there’s no way this dark and terrible fate can be avoided. It won’t happen with Episode 8, which Kylo Ren says will be great , but badness is now Star Wars’ destiny. Star Wars under Disney’s power has been a revelation. The Force Awakens wasn’t perfect, …

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