Supergirl Set Photos Show Clark Kent Becoming Superman

Supergirl Set Photos Show Clark Kent Becoming Superman
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In order to gives viewers enough time to make the switch, The CW is airing the first season of Supergirl in its entirety on Mondays starting August 1st in the 8pm ET time slot, where the show will continue with its second season. As Supergirl makes its move to new home The CW, the series is giving viewers a lot to be excited about. Fans will find out exactly who was in the Kryptonian pod, new characters like Snapper Carr and Maggie Sawyer are making their way to National City, and we know that Kara/Supergirl will be the main focus of a massive DCTV crossover event this fall. Supergirl’s second season is also putting to rest the running gag of keeping Superman in the shadows. Shortly after the …

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