The 10 Biggest Game Of Thrones Mysteries Solved

The 10 Biggest Game Of Thrones Mysteries Solved
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n all the excitement of Game of Thrones season 6, we obsessed over theories and prophecies and history, then did it again and again (and then some more) – to the extent that we never stopped to look back on the previously unanswered questions that drove us nuts in the earlier seasons. So whether you’re an avid watcher with a patchy memory or someone who’s missed a few vital episodes, let us put your mind at ease. All those questions that you had restless nights over? SOLVED. 1. Who killed Jon Arryn? We never met Hand of the King Jon Arryn (apart from his corpse in episode one), father figure to Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. He was presumed to have died of natural causes, but we eventually …

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