Lemire Is “Setting Up A Massive Marvel Story” In “Thanos”

Lemire Is “Setting Up A Massive Marvel Story” In “Thanos”
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When his new ongoing series “Thanos” was announced, Jeff Lemire noted that he was reading “Darth Vader” by Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca as part of his research for his latest Marvel Comics series. And when CBR spoke to the writer/artist about the upcoming villain-centric title, Lemire shared that he also read “Star Wars: Vader Down,” illustrated by “Thanos” artist Mike Deodato, Jr., in preparation for writing the new series. Sadly, a crossover between Thanos and Vader is likely not in the cards, though Lemire does think Lucasfilm Ltd. and Marvel would be crazy not pursue such an event. Nor will “Thanos” tie into his other current, ongoing stories in “Extraordinary X-Men,” “Old Man …

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