Ryan Lochte Leaves Usa Swimming Smoldering In His Wake

Ryan Lochte Leaves Usa Swimming Smoldering In His Wake
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Ryan Lochte has always railed against the confining and conforming limits of a sport in which athletes are nearly indistinguishable from one another under their standard issue goggles and caps. During training for the 2012 Olympics, where Lochte was expected to be an anchor of the U.S. men’s swim team, he continued to risk injury playing basketball and skateboarding despite his coach’s request that he avoid them out of precaution. “Oh, yeah, he’s terrified of me playing other sports,” Lochte said at the time. “He’s waiting for me to come in one day with a broken ankle or something. But I told him, ‘This is me. If I break my ankle right now, this Olympics wasn’t meant to be.’ I’m going to keep living my life the way I’ve been living my life, and nothing is going to change that even if the Olympics are coming up.”…

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