Sorry, The Moon Won’t Turn Green On April 20

Sorry, The Moon Won’t Turn Green On April 20
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Mark your calendars. April 20 is a big day for strange happenings in the night sky. Due to a highly improbable interaction with Uranus, the moon will glow in a shade of green. It sounds spectacular, but it’s completely false. Snopes, a site dedicated to debunking strange and unusual rumors, last week traced the origin of the green-moon claim to a now-deleted Facebook post on March 25 that included an altered photo of the moon and the message “Save the date – May 29th, 2016. Green moon visible for first time since 1847.” The green-moon concept has spread through sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Since the original post, the date has morphed to April 20, likely in reference to the 4/20 date and …

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