Watch This Savage MMA Fight And Say It Should Be Legal

Watch This Savage MMA Fight And Say It Should Be Legal
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New York Post

Two weeks ago, despite an epidemic of concussions within traditional sports, the New York State Assembly voted, 113-25, to legalize cage fighting, so named because the guys and gals being punched, kicked, kneed, elbowed or otherwise being beaten senseless can’t escape; they’re caged. The legislation was urged by Gov. Cuomo, who acknowledged that cage fighting is violent, but added, “But football is violent, boxing is violent, politics can be violent. Gosh, I wish the Governor and those 113 Assembly members had been with me — better yet, been in a public forum with large TV screens placed here and there — when FOX Sports 2 on Tuesday reran a match between Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir. As he was on his back, dazed and defenseless, dos Santos — playing by the rules — kneeled over him and punched him as hard as he could in the head. …

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