Here’s What Explains The ‘Morse Code’ On Mars

Here’s What Explains The ‘Morse Code’ On Mars
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Jeffrey Kluger,Time

At last the evidence is in and no one can deny it any longer: There is intelligent life on Mars, it’s sending us a message and that message is: “Zrrmgc tflmtip brzzzz.” OK, so maybe it’s not so intelligent at all. The “message,” to the extent it exists, is a series of dots and dashes on the Martian surface photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, that looks for all the world as if it’s written in Morse Code—even if that code would be gibberish when translated. All the same, it’s striking and almost eerily deliberate looking, the kind of thing that really does appear to have been created by an intelligent hand—or flipper or pseudopod. But it wasn’t…

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