The Orchard Nabs UFO Doc ‘Unacknowledged’

The Orchard Nabs UFO Doc ‘Unacknowledged’
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The Hollywood Reporter

UFO footage and whistleblower testimony can be expected in the extraterrestrial feature. The Orchard has acquired the worldwide digital and broadcast rights to the documentary Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in Human History. The film, directed by Michael Mazzola, takes a look at where America’s real UFO technologies reside and the governments’ past and continued efforts to keep such things secret.  “There’s no question, no matter your beliefs, that Dr. Greer has tirelessly and consistently exposed startling revelations about UFOs, technology and the secrets being kept from the American public,” said Paul Davidson, executive vp film and television for The Orchard. “We are thrilled …

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