How Far Away A Possible Ninth Planet Would Be

How Far Away A Possible Ninth Planet Would Be
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Popular Mechanics

There is something weird going on at the edge of the solar system. A group of dwarf planets all have orbits that seem to drag them toward one point in the solar system on highly elliptical paths. Astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin have a hypothesis as to why: There’s a ninth planet out there waiting to be found.  How far out there? Consider that it takes Neptune 165 years to orbit the sun. Based on the calculations of where Planet Nine would need to be to affect the solar system in this way, it is likely to have an orbit of 50,000 years and live far beyond the Kuiper Belt, the area where Pluto resides. Mark Rober put together a video to demonstrate how far it’s going to be.  Rober, …

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