Watch the Curiosity Rover Roll Across Mars’ Surface

Watch the Curiosity Rover Roll Across Mars’ Surface
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Universe Today

We all love the ‘selfies’ the Curiosity rover takes of itself sitting on Mars. We love them because it’s so amazing to see a human-made object on another world, and these images give us hope that one day we might have pictures of ourselves standing on the surface of the Red Planet. But wouldn’t it be great if we see Curiosity ‘in action’ on Mars, and be like a fly on a rock, watching the rover roll past us? Thanks to graphic artist Seán Doran, we can do just that. Take a look at this absolutely amazing video Doran created, using real images of the Mars landscape from Curiosity and the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, with a GCI Curiosity roving around. Please note that Curiosity …

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